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What’s the main difference between Bold and its competition?

We create the highest quality renovations while making the experience itself, of renovating a home, enjoyable. We build relationships with our clients and work together towards accomplishing the mutual goal of building the custom home of our clients’ dreams.

I’ve heard the renovation process can be difficult?

Our clients are successful people. They understand that taking on a renovation is a significant time investment. Our team strives to make the process fun and exciting. Renovating your home is as much about enjoying the experience as it is enjoying the lasting final product that you get to live in.

How do I make selections?

We have an interior designer on staff to help you with all your design choices. We will visit any supplier to track down the exact finishes you desire. With a staff member motivated and dedicated to your design choices, we have simplified and streamlined the process for our clients. You can be involved as much or as little as you’d like in that process – our design coordinator is exceptional at understanding each client’s’ individual style, and goes above and beyond to turn their vision into reality. Our goal is to make the selection process enjoyable and stress free while accomplishing whatever finish look you desire.

We’ve all heard horror stories of renovations going way over budget. How do I know this won’t happen with Bold Construction?

We renovate homes using fixed price contracts. This gives you certainty. You will have allowances for finish item selections only, as you will completely customize your home. But we take the cost risk for items outside of your control, like labor costs. Renovating your home for the amount you expect to pay is an important value of our company.

Cost plus contractors are paid more by spending more of your money. This doesn’t make much financial sense to us. Your home is an important part of your portfolio of investments; we want it to be a good investment for you.

How do your renovation costs compare to other builders?

Our pricing is in line with similar quality contractors.  Many of our competitors are cost plus (some even disguise this during the sales process – if your builder is giving you a spreadsheet breaking down all the costs it’s typically because they are a cost plus builder). Inherently, a fixed price builder may have a higher up front price than a cost plus builder because a fixed price builder’s price doesn’t change throughout construction. However, with a fixed price builder, your final price is the same as your initial cost (other than adjustments for changes and selection upgrades made by you). You don’t need to worry that your end price is going to be dramatically different than your expectation.

How do you handle changes throughout construction?

We will make any change that you ask of us. Sometimes items become obvious once we start building that were not as you imagined when you saw them on paper, so we welcome changes. What is most important is that you get the exact home that you desire.

With regards to change order pricing, our philosophy is to be fair on change orders. We don’t feel it is right to make an excess margin, just because you’ve changed your mind on an item during construction. Change orders occur because it’s your custom home. We don’t need or want to be punitive – we want you to get exactly what you want. If you want something changed, we will do it.

What Warranty does Bold Construction offer?

Full service warranty for one year (think of this like your bumper to bumper warranty on your Lexus – we cover everything including Sheetrock pops). Structural guarantee for 6 years. Proven track record. And lifetime support on repair items – we’re always only a call away. We’ll assist you with getting items fixed no matter how long you’ve lived in your home.

Is Bold Construction involved in the local Community?

We’re extremely involved in the community. Whether it is serving on charity boards, helping with community fundraisers, donating to local charities, collaborating with local nonprofits to build homes for those in need, or buying Christmas gifts for children in need in the local schools, Bold Construction is committed to being a community leader.

How can I verify all this information?

We have a proven track record of satisfied clients. Contact us so we can put you in contact with any of our previous clients. Previous clients can give you their first hand knowledge of the Bold Construction experience. We look forward to you joining the distinguished club of Bold Construction clients.