A BOLD Client Finds Home in Governors Club

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A Journey Southward: The Coolbaugh’s Path to Governors Club

By: BOLD Construction

 Welcome to the residence of John Coolbaugh, a valued member of the Governors Club community. Join us as he graciously invites us into his world and recounts the story of how he and his late wife, Donna, came to be part of Governors Club.

 Originally hailing from New Jersey, the Coolbaughs dedicated most of their working years to the Garden State. It was during the mid-70s that John’s path intersected with the charming college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as a graduate student and intern at the Morehead Planetarium and Observatory at UNC. This encounter forged a lasting connection.

 The Coolbaugh’s affection for Chapel Hill grew deeper as they divided their time between New Jersey and a seasonal residence in Florida. Each trip was marked by a cherished stopover in Chapel Hill—a ritual that soon sparked their curiosity about the real estate market in the area. A pivotal moment came when a bellman at the Siena Hotel recommended they explore Governors Club.

 On their first visit, the Coolbaugh’s were immediately captivated by its distinctive charm and the warm hospitality of its residents. The choice to make Governors Club their permanent home was an easy one.

 When it came to finding a place in Governors Club, the Coolbaughs approached it thoughtfully. While they considered options in the resale market, they ultimately embarked on a journey to create a home that was uniquely theirs. With a clear vision in mind, they sought a piece of land to serve as the canvas for their dream abode, and luck was on their side as they found the perfect spot on Governors Drive, just a stone’s throw from the Clubhouse. And they teamed with BOLD Construction to make their dream a reality. 

 When asked what he treasures most about his home, John points to the design, which was inspired by Donna. Donna worked with Abbie Lee Roehm to design their dream home. Notably, the open layout on the main floor allows rooms to flow seamlessly into one another, creating a welcoming and spacious ambiance that suits both quiet moments and lively gatherings. Another unique feature that draws admiration is the scullery—a space that marries functionality with aesthetics, reflecting the evolving trends in construction.

 Yet, the true jewel of the residence lies on the second floor. Here, a covered balcony offers an unmatched view of the 18th tee and the first green, affording John a front-row seat to the action.

 In every nook and cranny, the home whispers the story of a family that discovered not just a dwelling, but a sanctuary of memories, laughter, and cherished moments. Their narrative serves as a poignant reminder that, at times, the most meaningful chapters of our lives are written within the embrace of a place we can truly call home.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!

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