Got a New Year’s Resolution? For 2018, “being a better person” was tied with “losing weight.” Both of those are huge challenges, but the second one is definitely easier to do in the gym. Unfortunately most gyms are crowded, expensive, or worse!

The solution is a home gym, but for the average homeowner – especially one new to this sort of thing – it can be a daunting task. But a home gym can be as simple or ambitious as you please! Here are some starting places and advice for pumping iron in the comfort of your own home.


Before figuring out where to put everything, you should first define your goals: do you want to run a bit? Do you want to do floor exercises or lift weights? What exercises you choose will affect how much space you need for the gym.

For instance, someone doing yoga will need a significant amount of floor space, but someone doing arm curls or running on an elliptical could make do with the corner of a room or a loft space.


Your next step is determining what equipment you need, and how serious you want to go. A set of free weights can sit against a wall, and can easily be integrated into another office.

But big exercises require big equipment, and therefore the proper area. A power rack like this one can be used for serious weight training, including squats, bench presses, and pullups. That means you’ll need proper studs in the wall for stability, space around the equipment to prevent accidents, and sturdy flooring in case weights get dropped.

You may also want other equipment in the gym: a fridge, water station, or maybe even a shower; all those things will necessitate proper power and water access. Which finally brings us to…


The obvious solution for a home gym is in a spare room. Maybe your kids have moved out, or you have an extra room or unused office space. The basement is also a great choice for isolating noise, giving you the freedom to meditate during yoga or blast rock music during a lifting session.

You can also consider a garage or storage building, if you have one. Having a space totally separate from the house can be very appealing, and means you can drill and construct freely without affecting the rest of the home. Just be mindful of structural stability (especially in older homes) and be prepared to have a professional run power to it.

Are you building a custom home in the Triangle? Don’t retrofit a space: make the custom home gym built to match your dreams!

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