A deck or patio brings the best of the indoors to the outdoors. There’s no better way to enjoy a sunset or fall weather than kicked back on a comfy chair, drink in hand surrounded by your friends and family. Decks and patios bring this experience to life and are a valuable tool for entertaining.

But if your house doesn’t come with one, fulfilling that dream requires a large undertaking. And before you dive in, it pays to know the pros and cons of each. This guide can help you get started.


Not all yards are alike, and certain types of yards suit certain types of upgrades. If your yard is uneven, a deck is much more attractive. Since it sits on pillars, hills are no problem. However, certain localities have zoning ordinances that may require a permit, which could hamper your vision a little bit.

Got a flat yard? A patio can be installed flush to the ground for a fraction of the cost and time of a deck. A patio is also ideal if you have low or no fence on your property. Its low nature can hide you from nosey neighbors. One thing to consider: if you live in a hot area, that patio will inevitably absorb a lot of heat.


That handsome wood on your patio will one day rot and crack. You can lower the risk for this with high quality materials and proper treatment, but it is still inevitable. It also must be regularly power washed, stained, and resealed.

Meanwhile, patios are virtually maintenance free. Their hard materials typically last for decades, and aside from the occasional power washing are basically hands-off.


Pinching pennies? Patios are the clear winner for initial cost; concrete costs as little as $6-17 per square foot. But patterned materials that really bring a patio come to life – like flagstone or brick – can quickly turn a humble project into a money pit.

Decks average $30 per square foot, but costs increase considerably when you factor in labor and regular maintenance. The good news is that much of that initial cost can be recovered as resale value, typically around 80%.

Regardless of which direction you go, a patio or deck can add resale value and serious fun factor to your home.


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