A Bold Construction custom home image was recently featured in an editorial ideabook on Houzz. Check out the ideabook below on How to Let Go of Unwanted Books and Magazines!

“If you are anything like me, turning the paper pages of a good book while relaxing on a beach chair or a comfortable couch is a total pleasure — one not quite matched by reading a novel on a hard, cold electronic device. For many of us, books and other printed materials have a way of accumulating over the years and taking over our homes.

But let’s face it, if you are downsizing to a smaller home, you may not have enough space for all these publications. Here’s how to downsize your reading materials in anticipation of a smaller home.

In my experience with clients, it is often best to treat reading material as a separate category from other household items. If you are moving, think about putting time on your calendar to tackle this project. The amount of time you allocate will depend on how many books and other publications you own. If you have many large bookshelves stuffed with reading material, consider scheduling several days as opposed to several hours for this task. Also, if you already know where you will be moving, it’s wise to measure your space so you can decide how many bookshelves will fit in your new home. It’s also smart to collect boxes to sort and pack your books before you begin.”

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