One of the great benefits of a modern home is its nature as an oasis. It’s an area of the world you control! That control is especially useful when the weather outside refuses to cooperate, giving you a space of climate-controlled comfort.

North Carolina Triangle summers are legendary, known for their high heat and oppressive humidity. Learn how to keep your home cool this summer so you and your family can chill out!

Check Weather Stripping

Around your door and window frames, you likely have rubber weather stripping. Years of temperature and moisture changes gradually wear it down; this is exacerbated around doors wear the stripping consistently wears against floors and carpets. Checking it is easy – just look for cracks and rips – and replacing it is almost as easy.

Watch Your Windows

Your windows are arguably the biggest entry point for unwanted summer heat. Make sure they’re closed during peak sun, even in parts of the house you don’t use. Consider thicker blinds, and make sure thinner ones don’t have any broken parts. You can also invest in insulated curtains, which prevent cool air in your room from escaping.

Close Some Doors

Kids moved away? Not spending much time in your bedroom during the day? Got some places you mainly use for entertaining? If they’re not being used, don’t waste valuable cool air on them! In rooms that don’t get much activity, close your AC registers and shut the door. This is especially helpful for bathrooms, small spaces that only get periodic use and require little cooling.

Update Your Cooling Infrastructure

If your central AC unit – or window units – are getting old, a newer, energy efficient model could be a good idea. Tax rebates and incentives exist for certain units, so the cost may not be as high as you think. Duke Energy – the North Carolina Triangle’s power provider – has rebates of their own, too.

Looking for something a bit smaller scale, or a DIY project? Consider reflective window film for your large balcony door or living room windows. By reflecting back sunlight, this self-adhering film can bring your cooling costs and temperatures down. Bring a buddy for big windows, though; the film can be cumbersome to lift! You can also invest in AC vent fans, an easy way to boost airflow in remote rooms.