Vote for BOLD before July 5th for NC Matsumoto Prize

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The Deadline for Vote for BOLD Construction with Paces and Roehm Architecture is July 5th 5pm EST.

Here is the link to the competition site.


How to Vote:  


1. CLick on the Link above . Scroll down to find “Paces and Roeh-Hilltop Retreat”.  Click Vote. if you have your email connected to your computer you will automatically be prompted. If the vote buttons below fail to bring up your email or don’t work on your browser, send an email with the word Vote and the name of the house in the subject to


You are limited to one vote per e-mail address.  However, if you want to vote more than once, say from a home email and a work email,You are limited to one vote per e-mail address.  However, if you want to vote more than once, say from a home email and a work email,


VOTING ENDS Wednesday JULY 5, 5pm ET.


The awards ceremony is Wednesday, July 26, at the new galleries of Leland Little Auctions, 620 Cornerstone Court, Hillsborough NC,  6pm.


The NC Modernist Matsumoto Prize is one of the most prestigious architectural awards in North Carolina, honoring the best in Modernist residential design. Established in 2012, the prize was named after renowned architect George Matsumoto, who played a crucial role in shaping modernist architecture in the state.


For architects in North Carolina, winning the Matsumoto Prize is a badge of honor that signifies excellence in design and innovation. The prize has become a coveted award for architects and designers, drawing submissions from across the state and beyond.


The prize not only celebrates exceptional design, but it also promotes the preservation of modernist architecture, which is often at risk of demolition or neglect. By recognizing and rewarding outstanding examples of modernist residential design, the prize encourages architects and homeowners to value and protect these important structures.


The judging panel for the Matsumoto Prize includes prominent architects, design professionals, and preservationists, ensuring that the winning projects are truly exceptional. The prize also features a People’s Choice Award, allowing the public to vote for their favorite project.


Winning the Matsumoto Prize is not only a tremendous honor but also an opportunity for architects and designers to showcase their work and gain recognition within the industry. The prize has helped launch the careers of many young architects, and winning projects have been featured in prestigious publications and exhibitions.


In 2022, Jason Hart’s architectural team at Thought Craft, in collaboration with BOLD Construction, won the prestigious Matsumoto Prize for their exceptional work. This year, BOLD Construction teamed up with a talented designer, Abbielee Roehm from Paces and Roehm, to create another masterpiece. Their latest project is a stunning Hollywood Hills-inspired home located in the Governors Club, which has been submitted for the 2023 Matsumoto Prize.


BOLD Construction’s reputation for innovative and visionary design, combined with Roehm’s keen eye for detail, has resulted in a truly remarkable residential project. The Hollywood Hills-inspired home features a sleek and modern design with white stucco and low pitched roofs, along with black windows and hints of gray stone accents.


The home’s location was carefully chosen to ensure maximum exposure to the beautiful hilltop views, and the design elements are crafted to maximize this feature. From the large pivot door that welcomes you into the art gallery to the sculptural fireplace that doubles as an art piece, every detail is thoughtfully considered and expertly executed.


With four bedrooms and four baths, this home is perfect for families or guests. Whether you’re relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying the view from the expansive windows, this home is a true masterpiece of modern design.