The kitchen might be the most important room in the house. Sure, you entertain and relax in the living room, and the bedroom is where you end your days, and the bathroom had better be comfortable. But the kitchen is your greatest tool for entertaining, family bonding, and experimentation.

If you’re building a custom home, you have total control over this vital space! Shouldn’t it be everything you dream of? We have some ideas to set your kitchen off!


The kitchen island is a cornerstone of the space. Its versatility can give you extra counter space or cabinet storage. A range on a central island provides a focal point for creating large meals, and a sink there makes cleanup centrally located. You can also use it as a bar area if curious guests like to watch you work.

In a custom home, you aren’t limited to the traditional rectangular or square island. Consider one with an angled side that flows into an attached dining area, or even dual islands for new workflow possibilities!


In most kitchens, wood and linoleum are king. A custom home gives you more possibilities! Imagine a rustic brick wall over your range, or steel cabinets for a professional, high-class touch. You can mix materials for dramatic effect: a solid wooden bar with metal chairs, or even colored cabinets (red looks particularly nice.)


In a custom home, the sky is the limit for appliance choices! Building around an extra large refrigerator is easy, and you can easily add in another range or oven if you love to cook for large groups. You can also allow for more unconventional items: a wine chiller in your bar, for instance.

One of the most dramatic touches to any kitchen is an exhaust vent. A unit not flush with the wall, especially over a range on a central island, can give the room a high-brow feel.


Don’t just stop at the dining room! A kitchen can benefit from seating, whether it’s for serving appetizers to hungry guests or getting off your feet during busy prep. The bar is the most obvious choice, especially at an island, but breakfast areas are also appealing. Imagine an island with a counter on one side and built in seating on the other, perfect for Saturday mornings with the family or after-dinner coffee.

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