Summer is upon us and temperatures will continue to rise!  Now is a good time to prepare your home for the summer heat.  Here are some useful tips that are easy and effective:

• Replace or clean air conditioner filters regularly. Blocked air filters will create a

drag on the efficiency of your air conditioning system’s ability to push and pull air through registers. Most filters suggest a 90-day useful life.  In summer allergens are higher and if your family suffers from such symptoms, you may even want to replace your filter every 60 days.

• Change ceiling fan direction. Airflow during the summer should be sent downward to produce a wind chill effect (normally counter-clockwise).

• Install an attic fan or vents to pull hot air off your ceiling. When temperatures outdoors get into the 90s, an attic can easily reach 140 degrees.

• Clear dryer vents to prevent clogs causing warm, moist air to blow back into the house.

• Close curtain and blinds during the warmest hours of the day, especially those facing south and west.

• Check insulation around windows and doors.

• Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL), as these produce less heat.

• Run a bathroom fan during showers to remove warm, moist air.

Your home will be more efficient and you will be cooler this summer!