The Nicholses’ Artful Upgrade Blending Classic and Contemporary Living

Feb 23, 2024

Cibele and David Nichols, residents of Governors Club, recently undertook a thoughtful upgrade to their home, enlisting the expertise of the BOLD Construction Renovation team. The outcome is a modern and personalized touch that enhances the charm of their beloved residence in the gated community.


 The Nicholses’ journey to Governors Club began with David’s role as a distinguished professor at Purdue University, where he conducted research on medical indications for psychedelic molecules. After tying the knot in 2010, Cibele joined him in West Lafayette, Indiana, from her native country Brazil, with the plan to eventually relocate to North Carolina post his retirement. An invitation for David to become

an adjunct professor at UNC led them to Chapel Hill, where the allure of Governors Club became evident — a beautiful place with amenities perfectly suited for their retirement.


Their commitment to a healthy lifestyle found an ideal match in the community’s offerings, including the wellness center and a picturesque golf course. The welcoming ambiance, excellent restaurant, social events

and friendly atmosphere further solidified their choice. Amidst their busy post-move lives, David and Cibele remained dedicated to their professions. David’s work ranges from scientific papers and memoir writing to co-founding a biotech company and creating molecules

for clinical trials. Meanwhile, Cibele, a psychoanalyst, conducts online sessions with clients from Brazil and contributes a monthly psychology column to Viver Brasil magazine. 


When the need for a home renovation arose, the Nichols family turned to BOLD Construction. BOLD helped the Nicholses’ vision by focusing on modernizing and enhancing safety, particularly in their dated bathroom. “They took care of every detail and supervised every step of the way,” says Cibele. “The quality of their work is met with high standards.” 


In a world of modernism and minimalism, the Nicholses were worried that renovating their bathroom in the leading design styles of today’s market might make for an awkward space that would not flow with the rest of their traditionally eclectic home. BOLD Selections Coordinator Jessie Quinones helped whisk these worries away. 


“Traditional style is beautiful and timeless,” says Jessie, whose favorite features of the bathroom are the plumbing fixtures and vanity. 


The Nicholses chose a stunning oil-rubbed bronze gooseneck for their shower head that matched the tile perfectly. The vanity is beige, and a fun remnant with an exciting veining of black, gray and yellows was chosen for their countertop to really tie all the elements together. “I feel that we found a good balance between traditional style and the soothing aesthetics of a spa!” says Jessie. “We got to revamp their bathroom in a way that flows with the integrity of their home.” 


In Governors Club, Cibele and David have not only found a retirement haven but have also crafted a home that blends elegance, comfort and a rich tapestry of personal stories. “When I came from Brazil, David told me to bring all the things that were important and dear to me,” says Cibele. Every detail, from diverse artwork to a china cabinet filled with family mementos, tells a story of their lives. The garden, featuring a soothing water feature, has become a cherished space for both the couple and visiting birds. “We wanted a house that reflected our relaxed lifestyle, filled with meaningful things that bring comfort and joy,” says Cibele.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!