Everyone loves a view, and for a view, you need a window. Windows come in a dizzying array of styles and materials, and are an extremely important part of decorative appeal and architectural engineering.

If you’re building a custom home, think beyond the view. What can your windows do for your home? Here we’ve outlined some key facts about windows.


Windows often have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of a space. As such, your first consideration will likely be style. Windows can be (very roughly) sorted into three style categories:

  • Primary: this is your view, the centerpiece of your living room or the opening onto a patio. Here a picture window (a single large pane of unopenable glass), a bay window (several large, interconnected frames) or a sliding window will fit the bill.
  • Secondary: these windows typically light and ventilate small spaces, or complement larger windows. For instance, a garden window (which protrudes from the side of a home) can brighten up a kitchen, and a classic double hung window (with two vertically sliding panes of glass) is reasonably sized and easy to open.
  • Accent: the effect of glass opens up numerous decorative possibilities. A transom window (many small panes arranged in a gridlike frame) can dress up a front door. Thick, translucent glass block windows can shed light on a dreary basement, or liven up a sunroom.


Some windows are meant to be opened, and that feature can have a major effect on a window’s use case. For instance, an openable bedroom window gives its occupants greater control over its temperature, sound, and overall atmosphere.

Likewise, a permanently closed window is easier to clean and maintain, and provides excellent weatherproofing. While the effect can be dramatic – especially on a larger unit – the lack of ventilation is problematic. Your picture window looks modern in the kitchen, but keeps the hot air in when cooking; likewise, a large window in the living room could be equally valuable as a patio door.


Energy-efficient windows are a pretty appealing proposition. They’re better for the environment, not terribly expensive, and can save you money on both monthly bills and taxes. Many energy efficient windows are made with a “low-e” coating that reflects heat, keeping summer temperatures outside and winter warmth inside. Your custom home builder should also arrange windows in such a way that minimizes the effects of the sun.

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