We at Bold Construction know the stress that times like these create on our community and country as a whole.  With that being said, we want everyone to remain safe and healthy during the coming days and weeks.  Bold Construction is doing our part by revising internal procedures to improve cleaning and sanitation of our offices.  We have closed our offices to all walk-in traffic until further notice and have required that those employees who can work from home, do so.

In addition, we have discontinued any non-emergency in-home warranty visits and placed all renovation work in occupied homes on hold until further notice.

We continue to have our vehicles and staff on the roads, so you will see us in your neighborhoods.  We intend to shift our resources (manpower, trucks, etc) from our typical day to day to work to humanitarian efforts, as the need arises.  If you are in need of help in any way, please us know. We are happy to assist you during these trying times.