Chris served on the steering committee & fundraising for CC Works. This was always envisioned as step 1 of a 2 step process. Step 2 was moving to a K-14 program. Chris took on the role of leading these efforts to achieve K-14. Chris has been relentless in his campaigning for this program over the last several years. This goal was realized last year when Chatham County commissioners agreed to pay for this program for at least the next 5 years.
“Chatham Promise is an incredible opportunity for all students in Chatham County. We are sending the message to all students, that regardless of their family’s financial situation, they will have the ability to attend college.” – Chris Ehrenfeld

“Central Carolina Community College’s Chatham Promise is financially supporting the college education of about 160 recent high school graduates who are residents of Chatham County. This program would not have been possible without the support of the County Commissioners, the County School Board and Chatham County schools’ administration, and the help of Chatham County citizens like Chris Ehrenfeld. From the start of the Chatham Promise conversation, Chris has voiced his support of the program that provides free tuition at the College to recent high school graduates living in Chatham County. Chris supports the program because he understands how it provides the opportunity of higher education to Chatham County residents without the burden of debt.” – Mark Hall, Chatham County Provost, CCCC

“Chris has supported the College for many years. Before the conversation about Chatham Promise, Chris and others were instrumental in helping the College acquire private and public funding for its Central Carolina Works program that supports College-employed career coaches to serve along side high school counselors to guide students through taking college classes at CCCC while still in high school. The Works program laid that foundation for the Promise program. Now, not only do Chatham County high school graduates have guided-access to college courses at CCCC while still in high school, they also have access to debt-free education at CCCC.” Mark Hall, Chatham County Provost, CCCC

“I have known Chris for several years. Chis has an unmatched commitment to and enthusiasm for quality progress in Chatham County. Chris began the discussion of a K-14 program in Chatham County and kept it alive until it became a reality. He was an early supporter of the Chatham County Health Science Building, and as head of the Chatham Economic Development Corporation, championed its construction. Chatham County is lucky to have a young dedicated leader like Chris.” – Dr T.E. Bud Marchant, President (2009-2019), Central Carolina Community College

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