It’s porch season in North Carolina. That means it’s time to break out the sweet tea and lemonade, kick off your shoes and light a citronella candle or two. There’s nothing quite like watching the world go by from the comfort of a swinging bench.

A front porch – or a porch out back – can transform your living space from boring to beautiful. There’s lots to consider, though, when deciding to add on such a space to your home.

For starters, you’ll need to decide what function the porch will serve. Will the space act as cabana for barbecuers and pool party attendees? Or would a screened-in porch provide a shady, cool spot for indoor activities to spill outdoors?

A wrap-around porch is a Southern classic, and can add flair to an otherwise simple home. A balcony style porch off your master bedroom allows for private outdoor space and gorgeous views. All of these options can boost curb appeal and the overall value of your home.

Whatever you decide will guide the rest of the important decisions you’ll need to make. Materials for your porch depend greatly upon the style of porch you’d like to construct. Treated wood is great for a back porch or deck, whereas poured concrete must be used for a screened-in space. Other materials to factor in include railings, pillars and roofing.

The fun part starts once you’ve got the porch constructed. Decorating and designing your dream outdoor space allows you to explore your creative side. Invest in cozy furniture and brightly colored flowers to make the space inviting. Even those without green thumbs can easily grow lush ferns and other handing plants. Don’t forget functionality when you’re setting up your space; invest in an outdoor ceiling fan for those humid Southern summers.

If you want to really embrace Southern porch tradition, consider painting the ceiling of your roof Haint blue. According to local superstition, the soft blue-green color wards off evil spirits. It just might help with insect control, too – many people theorize that the sky-blue color tricks bugs into thinking it’s the sky, leading them to build their nests elsewhere.

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