The American landscape is dominated by homes, and those homes tell our stories. They show artistic movements, foreign influences, historical events, and more in their wood and bricks. These homes are the story of the American homeowning public.

When building a custom home, you can draw from a diverse pool of influences and create a mark on the landscape that’s entirely your own. Here are some popular architectural styles you can pull from for inspiration.


One of the most popular home styles in America, the colonial home reflects both European influence and American utilitarianism. They are typically two-story, square, and simple, giving them a stately and proud quality. The entryway is almost always central with a small or nonexistent porch and a broad, green lawn. It’s a classic and reliable look.


Most popular in the early 20th century, the large porches and wide, low-slung roofs of Craftsman homes are synonymous with westward expansion and American upward mobility. Of particular note is how they mix materials: wooden siding, stone supports on the porch, bricks for foundational accents. Mixing colors can give these homes a fun, quirky feel.


Contemporary design emphasizes flat faces, right angles, and plenty of glass for natural light. Contemporary homes are both functional and artistic, and have a high-end feel that makes them look perpetually futuristic.


Understanding the prairie school is helped by looking at the landscape of its namesake: broad, flat, horizontal, and clearly banded windows. The style is arguably the brainchild of Frank Lloyd Wright, who envisioned it as a sort of “organic architecture” that looks as if it naturally grew from the landscape.


Don’t let the name fool you: cottage style homes need not be small. However, they can borrow a lot from the fanciful cottages of fairy tales or fantasy stories, featuring curving roof lines, arched entryways, and a clear walkway surrounded by foliage or flowers.

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