Pre-made homes – especially those in older neighborhoods – derive a lot of their charm from the landscaping. An ancient oak tree in the backyard, a quirky lot size because of old zoning, that hard-to-mow but unique sloped front lawn.

With a custom home, that charm is yours to create! You decide how to shape your lot, and chart the course of how it will mature for years to come. Here are some of Custom Home Landscaping Ideas for how to make your new home’s landscape all your own.

Water Features

Creative water features can really dress up a home. The obvious place is by a sitting area; a koi pond or bubbling stream can really set the mood for relaxing outside. For something more dramatic, a small pond with overhanging trees and water plants could be your very own outdoor oasis.

Water features are great for smaller touches, too. A small stream running by an entry sidewalk (or even the driveway) can be very inviting to your guests.

Outdoor Entertaining

Landscaping should be functional, and few things function better for an entertainer than an outdoor space. You can wow your guests with a custom-designed porch or patio, complete with intricate tile work, built-in seating and more.

Outdoor appliances like a grill can be built in to stonework, and other features like a wooden pergola can really elevate the space! All of these can be integrated into your design by your builder.

Plants and Gardening

Lush greenery adds a lot of natural beauty to your home, but you can go beyond the low-maintenance shrubbery. Why not plant a favorite tree in the front yard, one that will grow with your home?

For a custom home, you can go beyond the merely decorative. Love to garden? Carve out a dedicated space in the yard for a vegetable garden, or build a network of tiled paths through plots for fresh flowers. Add a bench for reading on summer afternoons, or for a quirky touch, put your vegetable garden in the front or side yard.

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