Bold Construction, Inc. is located in Chapel Hill, NC in Chatham County.  Chatham County is a beautiful area of NC and includes the towns of Pittsboro and Siler City. It is one of several counties where we love to build and contribute to smart growth.

Geography of Chatham County

  • Founded in 1771 and located at the geographic center of the state, Chatham County encompasses an area of more than 707 square miles

  • The county is situated between two of the state’s three largest centers of population and commerce, the Triangle Region and the Piedmont Triad

  • Pittsboro, the county seat located in the middle of the county, is just 20 minutes away from Research Triangle Park, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill

  • The county has four incorporated towns within the county: Siler City, Pittsboro (county seat), Goldston and Cary, which has a small area in the eastern part of the county

  • Chatham County is the home of Jordan Lake, a major recreational lake and water reservoir, but it also has several important rivers, including the Rocky River, the Haw River and the Deep River

Population and Demographics

  • The official 2010 Census places our 2010 population at 63,505, an increase of 28.74% since 2000. The state average growth for this decade was 18.5%. The new estimate for 2012 is almost 65,000.

  • Less than 20% of our county’s residents live in incorporated towns. The county has about 85 residents per square mile, which reflects its generally rural nature

  • 2010 Census indicates that the incorporated towns have populations of:

          Siler City: 7,887

          Pittsboro: 3,743

          Goldston: 268

  • In 2013 and early 2014, Chatham County has had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state

  • 2010 Census indicated that 36.5% of our county’s working age population (over age 25) has received a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, which is well above the state average of 26.5%

  • The county was named for the Earl of Chatham in England, who was named William Pitt.  This is also how Pittsboro also got its name.

  • Jordan Lake is named for Benjamin Everett Jordan, a former United States senator from our state.

  • Moncure once served as the western-most inland port in the state, linked all the way to the coast by steamships.

  • Those steamships often brought tourists from the coast escaping the heat and mosquitoes of summer. They often stayed in Pittsboro, which was a resort destination during this time.

  • British General Cornwallis camped in Pittsboro during the Revolutionary War.

  • Locks on the Deep River once were used to transport coal to the coast.

  • George Moses Horton, who lived most of his life as a slave in the county, is Chatham County’s official poet. He composed many poems before he learned to read and write, but published the first book by a Southern black author, The Hope of Liberty (1829). A University of North Carolina faculty member’s wife taught him to read and write in 1828 and arranged the initial publication of his poems. Horton tried several times to buy his freedom from slavery, but was only freed at the end of the Civil War.

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