You probably don’t think much about your roof. It’s often so utilitarian that it fades into the background behind your paint and landscaping. At least until it either starts leaking or an inspector suggests that you fix it.

But the largest part of your roof – its shingles – comes in a surprising amount of varieties. They all have unique colors and textures that can really set off your renovation! There are also structural differences that can affect your taxes, insurance, and maintenance schedule.

If it’s time to redo your roof, take a look at our guide below and get some ideas.


Have an older home? You likely have asphalt shingles on your roof right now. With good reason: they’re easy to install and available in a variety of colors. Many of them meet Energy Star regulations, and can earn you a nice tax rebate. However, their efficiency comes at a cost: asphalt shingles have a lifespan of only 20-30 years, and are easily damaged by severe weather. They’re also not the best choice if your area experiences dramatic seasonal climate changes.


Fiberglass is a marvelous material, useful in everything from kayaks to waterslides. If you use it for your roof, you get many of the same benefits: durability, waterproofness, and fire resistance. That last one is key, and many insurance companies will give you discounts for a fiberglass roof! Fiberglass shingles can also be cheaper than asphalt. However, they doesn’t do as well in cold climates, and warranties can vary wildly depending on price.


A tile roof immediately gives a home an old-world flair. These are the ceramic, artful looking roofs you see on homes in the Southwest and Spain. The technology is durable and proven, dating all the way back to ancient China! Their clay or concrete composition also means they’re fire resistant. However, tile roofs can be very expensive and difficult to install. Homes not built for them can also struggle to hold their significant weight.


Slate shingles are carefully cut, flat pieces of solid stone. They give a distinctive look that is almost palatial. In the right hands, they’re also extremely durable, lasting over 50 years! Slate is very expensive, but synthetic options are available at the cost of lifespan. They also require regular maintenance.

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