When you’re designing a custom home, your final layout can vary significantly based on one factor: how many floors you have. A multi-story home is neither better nor worse than a single-floor layout. Instead, it brings its own host of advantages and disadvantages. Before you commit, make sure you know what you’re in for!


Multi-story homes can look very stately and regal. You can see examples of this in classic architecture: the stout and simple facades of colonial homes, the complex lines and spires of a Victorian mansion. But on the other hand, single-story homes – like the classic ranch-style house – appear modern, even futuristic depending on the materials used. Interior design is also affected. For instance, if you want an impressive foyer, you’ll likely need a second floor.

Space and Privacy

For a small lot, a two-story house is the logical solution: when you can’t build outward, build upward! You can effectively double your square footage in many house plans just by adding another floor. However, stairs and other necessary items can eat into interior space.

Another concern is privacy. Due to rooms sitting on top of one another, two-story homes require careful design to avoid sound leakage. This is also an issue for, say, a loft office.

Heating and Cooling

There’s no way around it: multi-story homes mean more expensive utilities, period. Hot air rises, cool air sinks, and even the best designed HVAC system can’t change that. This is more complex when you consider architectural features often popular in multi-story homes, such as a great room with floor-to-ceiling windows. If you go the multi-story route, invest in energy efficient appliances and HVAC.


Stairs are the most obvious route around a multi-story home, but for some of us, climbing them isn’t so simple. If mobility is a problem for you or someone in your family, you might want to forego stairs. Even for fully able folks, carrying laundry up a flight or two of stairs is far from fun. A smartly-designed multi-story home will place important or related rooms on the same level, easing this problem.

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