Your appliances might be the most important thing you ever buy for your home! They are your trustworthy companions through all the daily tasks that sustain your life. As a result, it pays off to buy quality ones!

But as technology has advanced, these everyday machines have grown in complexity and features. For a newbie, it can be hard to know where to start! Our handy guide should help get you going properly. Below we talk about three major types of appliances.


New refrigerators come with a huge array of features: wine chillers, water dispensers, fruit storage drawers, and more. But when it comes to buying one, understand the basics first: form factor and efficiency.

Fridge form factors are largely determined by their size and how the doors open. The classic top freezer option may look boring, but usually offers more fridge space. Bottom freezer models trade that space for ease of use by putting the fridge shelves at eye level. If space is tight, consider a French door option.

Efficiency varies wildly too. Check the Energyguide label on the fridge to see how much power it consumes (it also tells you the storage space, which is handy.) It’s important to note that ice and water dispensers reduce both space and efficiency.


For dishwashers, wash speed/quality and efficiency usually correlate with price. Here the main differentiators are in features. Some that you may want to consider include:

  • Soil Sensors: watching your water bill? Many modern washers have these special sensors, which check the dirtiness of water to determine how much (or how little) water to use.
  • Hidden Controls: into aesthetics? Many washers hide their controls in the lip of the door, perfect for creating a seamless look.
  • Adjustable Racks: if you’re a serious cook, you probably work with all kinds of oddly shaped specialty tools. Adjustable racks more easily accommodate them.


Similar to refrigerators, the main factors in for a washer and dryer are form factor and efficiency. For washers, top-loading machines are typically cheaper and less efficient. But if you have back issues, a front loader can be a godsend; no need to lean in to pick things up. There is also no uniform size, and load capacity can vary wildly as a result.

With dryers, your primary choice is between gas or electric. Gas dryers require more setup, but are almost always more efficient. Newer models are also just as effective as their electric cousins.

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