When it comes to selling your home or giving it a fresh update, you don’t always need a hefty investment. Smart and cost-effective upgrades can significantly boost your home’s appeal and maximize its value. The agents at Governors Club Realty, a sister company of BOLD Construction, share their expert advice on how to update your home without breaking the bank.


Simplify and Clean

Packing and Decluttering

Start by reducing personal items and clutter. Jill Ehrenfeld suggests, “Packing away personal photos and excess belongings can make rooms appear larger and more inviting.”


Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning can make your home sparkle and feel new. Scott Kelley advises, “Pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms – areas where cleanliness is crucial.”


Fresh Coat of Paint

Choosing neutral colors for walls can brighten up spaces and appeal to a wider range of buyers. Kimberly Lovegrove says, “Neutral tones like light grays, beiges, and whites help potential buyers envision their own furniture and decor in the space.”


Renovation Done by BOLD Construction

Smart Upgrades


Appliance Swaps

Updating major appliances to more energy-efficient models can be a selling point. Seth Gold notes, “Stainless steel appliances are popular and can update the look of your kitchen instantly. Updating small electronics like thermostats, smoke detectors, and even adding smart home features can be attractive to tech-savvy buyers.” Jill Ehrenfeld remarks, “Smart home features are increasingly sought after and can be a deciding factor for some buyers.”


Countertop Upgrades

Replacing dated or worn countertops, especially in the kitchen, can transform the space. Cathy Twigg recommends, “Quartz, quartzite or a simple granite countertop is desirable due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.”


Modern Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can dramatically alter the mood of a room. “Consider replacing old, dim lighting fixtures with brighter, more modern options,” suggests Jill Ehrenfeld. When choosing these fixtures, it’s important to consider your room’s existing style. For example, for traditional decor, opt for fixtures with classic designs that incorporate modern elements. This approach ensures your new lighting complements the room’s character.

Renovation Done by BOLD Construction

Attention to Detail

Crawl Space and Attic Cleanliness

Ensure these areas are tidy and free of signs of pests or damage. “It speaks volumes about the overall maintenance of the house,” says Scott Kelley.


Repairing Water Damage

Address any water stains or damage immediately, as these can be red flags for buyers. Kimberly Lovegrove advises, “Repainting ceilings and fixing leaks are crucial.”


Exterior Maintenance

Power washing siding, decks, and driveways can greatly enhance curb appeal. Seth Gold adds, “First impressions are everything in home sales.”


Staging to Sell

The Power of a Staged Home

All agents agree on the power of staging. “A staged home not only looks better in photos but also helps buyers connect emotionally,” says Jill Ehrenfeld.

Staging involves arranging furniture and decor to showcase a home’s best features. “Professional staging can result in faster sales and higher offers,” says Kimberly Lovegrove.

Renovation Done by BOLD Construction

Implementing these budget-friendly strategies can lead to a quicker sale and possibly higher offers. For personalized guidance on updating your home, get in touch with us today!