Who doesn’t love a hot shower? Whether it’s after a long day or when you need to wake up, it’s a place to brace yourself for the rigors of life (and to maybe belt out a tune.) In a custom home, your humble shower can become an oasis, with many customization options available. Here are some great ideas for building a better shower.

Walk-in Shower vs. Combination Unit

A walk-in shower is far more sophisticated than the humdrum shower-tub combo. Most homeowners, especially those with custom homes, opt for a dual solution: a dedicated, glass walk-in shower and a fiberglass or porcelain tub as separate units.

However, depending on your personal needs, you may want to reconsider. For one, glass shower doors require frequent cleaning to avoid unsightly deposits. And depending on your floor plan, you may be short on space in the master bath.


Go beyond fiberglass! A custom home shower should be outfitted with beautiful tile work. Your options there are far more complex than the classic white square tiles. Stone work gives an old-world look, and new options like faux wood give an almost Scandinavian feel.

On the higher end, you can go for cultured marble, real granite, or even river pebbles. Just be sure you know how to clean it! Natural stones are gorgeous, but require special cleaners to avoid damage.

Head Type

Your first apartment likely had the standard single spray shower head, the classic model that protrudes at an angle from a wall. A custom shower gives you many more options.

Rain showerheads are not only trendy, but practical: their larger surface area means lower water pressure, making them more pleasant to use. However, they are also more expensive. If you really want to go all out, ceiling shower heads can be recessed into the ceiling, creating a seamless and modern look. The only downside? Cleaning them is a real pain.

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