Tune into the latest episode of the Builder Nuggets podcast featuring BOLD Construction owners Chris Ehrenfeld and Jason Dell. These lifelong friends share how they took a leap of faith over two decades ago to start their own custom home building business and have never looked back.

In this episode, Chris and Jason recount their inspiring journey from Pittsburgh to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, detailing how their shared passion for construction and real estate laid the foundation for BOLD Construction. They delve into their experiences navigating the challenges of the Great Recession in ’08 and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, offering valuable lessons and insights. The duo also discusses the transformative impact of adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which has helped them streamline operations and clarify their roles.

As visionary builders, Chris and Jason explore the latest trends in home design, including the rise of multifunctional spaces and the shift towards rural subdivisions. They share how their commitment to quality and innovation has turned clients into raving fans.

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