High Point Market, held in High Point, NC, is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. This event is where the latest home furnishings styles, trends, and products make their debut. Our Renovations Selections Coordinator, Jessie Quinones, recently attended and shared her insights on her visit and the upcoming trends she noticed in tile. Her deep-rooted passion for tile and ceramics, influenced by her childhood and cultural heritage, was evident as she explored the latest innovations and styles in the industry.

“I could talk tile all day,” Jessie says. “A lot of weekends in my childhood were spent visiting new neighborhoods that my father’s tile company was working on. I grew up in the bones of homes. There’s something wonderful about the smell of a freshly built home.” This early exposure to construction and design has shaped her keen eye for detail and quality in tile work.

One of the standout trends Jessie observed at High Point Market is the increasing popularity of handmade tiles. “I get a great sense of joy knowing that handmade tiles are trending,” she says. “For my culture, it is the norm. I am glad this design style is making a rave in America.” Handmade tiles, with their unique imperfections and artisanal charm, bring authenticity and character to any space. Jessie believes this trend will continue to grow, reflecting a broader movement towards organic design elements.

Everything from terracotta floor tiles, patterned tiles, and interesting textured tiles is trending. The style is bold yet subtle, creating a juxtaposition of timeless and modern functionality.

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